TapiocaDAO — Topical activities for potential awards


TapiocaDAO is an omni-chain DeFi protocol based on LayerZero.

The other day, the project closed a $6M SEED round of investment led by LayerZero and other less popular funds.

It’s worth mentioning that people from funds that didn’t participate in this round, such as CoinFund and ParaFi Capital, as well as various angels are subscribing to the project’s Twitter feed. This is a good sign. It is likely that they will be watching the project and its success and will join the funding in later rounds.

Now we can interact with the protocol in testnet, thus preparing our wallets for the drop, which is likely to happen, because in the tokenomics for its 2nd token $TAP is written that 2.5% of the total issue (in $100mln), will be allocated for the drop and another 3.5% will be distributed among the early users.

And yes, the project also has another token, LayerZero $USDO based stack, but the main coin for testers will be 2nd token, TGE of which hasn’t happened yet.

What to do?

  1. Add Avax, Arbitrum, Fantom and Polygon test networks;
  2. we take test tokens for all networks in taps: 1; 2; 4;
  3. We pass to the site, in tab “Mint” we stamp all available tokens
  4. Then interact with the protocol by taking loans in tab “Borrow”, stack in “Lend” and transfer test tokens between networks in “Teleport”
  5. If possible, perform tasks in their Guild to pick up at least one role

That’s all, now we have to wait for the release in a MINET, to once again interact with the protocol and claim those 2.5%, in addition, there is a probability that the MINET activity in this project may become one of the multipliers for a future possible LayerZero drop.

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