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Algorithmic trading is becoming more popular among those who already have at least some idea about Forex. Trading robots can be fully automated (you can open and close positions) or manual (the robot opens a position, the trader is watching them and decides to manually close them). But there are no universal robots:

  • each robot is designed to only work in certain market conditions, i.e. on a specific asset and only under certain circumstances;
  • more than 80% of the robots that you can download in the Internet, already in the first days “merge” the deposit. There are many reasons, ranging from imperfections of the adviser, ending in incorrectly exposed trader settings.

RoboX developed by the Tradency company, modified and implemented by the programmers and analysts of AMarkets broker, eliminates the disadvantages of the use of individual trading advisors. RoboX is a service which automatically makes trades based on the selected strategy of the trader. Its peculiarity is that the service chooses the optimal strategy of algorithmic trading, choosing the most optimum and suitable one to the current market situation. In other words, the RoboX is a software that chooses from million trading (robots) the algorithm that matches the parameters of risk and expected return.

The benefits of the service:

  • to start investing, you need to enter only three parameters in the first stage (about them below);
  • RoboX service refers to the browser type and is installed on AMarkets servers. In the case of disconnection, it continues to work offline (does not require VPS server);
  • RoboX — it is an intelligent system that analyzes thousands of trading algorithms to create an individual portfolio.

RoboX service: how it works

You may open an account in the service for 5 minutes. After entering email address and phone number a window with a proposal to replenish the account appears.

After you open an account you will see this window

как работает RoboXThere is no need to replenish the account immediately. Click on sync and go to the instructions that appear directly to the service. Sync trading account in AMarkets account in RoboX is also necessary, but only if you already have a trading account with a broker.

To begin using the service, you need to answer three questions:

  • deposit amount (for work with service it should be not less than $ 500);
  • the purpose of trading (minimum loss or maximum profit);
  • strategy type: reliable, moderate, aggressive.

In accordance with the selection made, the trader is offered a choice of several investment portfolios, graphic curves of income, the sum of maximum drawdown and a list of entry signals since creation of the portfolio. A trader should only make a choice and connect to the portfolio.

RoboX strategyEach portfolio is automatically updated (revised set of strategies depending on market situation), the frequency of updates specified in the portfolio.

Summary. RoboX service can be attributed to passive income, the principle of which is yet to be elucidated (the developers have not disclosed). Since the testing of the service has been more than a year, but the negative reviews about RoboX has not yet appeared. Judging by the profitability of the strategies, service will not bring a lot of money, but the profit of 20-30% per annum with virtually saving time — is a powerful argument. Investing in the RoboX, you practically risk nothing, because at any moment you can collapse the part in algorithmic trading and return to the classic manual trading. So just try to work with RoboX and write in the comments after the article, how much you could earn.

RoboX — save time, earn money!

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