Largest Airdrop in Crypto history

Largest Airdrop

$6,000 Arbitrum This was the largest giveaway in the history of the crypto market – almost 600,000 wallets received their tokens, and the average allocation was $1,859ARB. There were some lucky beggars, who got $5000-ARB each, which was more than $6000 on listing date.

$1,900 SUI Discord SUI members who joined before February 1, 2023 received an allocation of 1,500 tokens from SUI per account. The money was given away bluntly for participating in Discord, which was the easiest giveaway in crypto history.

Aptos gave away up to $2,500 to early users. There were about 120k users who zammed NFT or set up a node. Aptos didn’t even bother with the drop criteria, no one checked for abus, onchain activity.

1200$ Uniswap The Uniswap exchange in 2020 awarded 400 of its Uni tokens to anyone who made at least one exchange on that exchange within a certain timeframe. At the time, each user of the platform received $1,200! However, those who waited only a year were able to sell their 400 tokens for as much as $42 at the peak – which amounted to about $17,000!

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