How to get profit on affiliate programs

партнерские программы на Форекс

The strategies of earnings in Forex are different. And if you’re going to this section, thinking that  there are articles on the fundamental and technical indicators, then we will rejoice — we stand out from other information and analytical resources that are trying to comprehensively disclose to our readers the ways of earning.

From a relatively non-standard strategies, which we described before, we will highlight the trade on heat map and the screening of stock (even stock — is a stock market, but we also dealt with it in our articles). But this strategy is of active earnings, the passive is not so popular among the traders, although it may bring in while you work with the terminal. Forex affiliate program  is one of such types of passive income.

Affiliate program in Forex: how to earn, not understanding the strategies

Affiliate programs in Forex is the ability to attract new customers, and for partners — this is the way of earnings, for site – new customers. The role of the site can play any company: broker, rebate service, information portal, blog etc. To become a partner, you should:

  • register on the website which provides this kind of service. Often on the main pages there is a separate section. Registration represents the creation of a personal account on the page and getting code;

  • read the terms of the affiliate program. Most often it is the percentage spent by the referral (the referral is a client that moved to the website via your referral link) sums of money. Sometimes the bonus reward system is used.

The advantages of such earnings are obvious — the availability, passive income (constant under condition of constant flow of customers), there is no cost in time. Disadvantages — need to place an affiliate link. There are affiliate programs in Forex that allow its partners to attract clients through your personal account. For example, the partner receives a code (which I wrote above), places in the social networks offer to register on the website of the broker and asks the customer to specify the code (so the broker realizes that the client came through a partner). But this scheme works well in MLM, Forex client can avoid specifying the code (because he gets nothing).

scheme of affiliate program

The best option of earning is having your own website — blog. Why blog? Creating a good site and its promotion in search engines worth 1 thousand dollars and takes a minimum of 6 months. The blog will be interesting when you want to publish something interesting, and to create a simple website is 10-15 thousand rubles. Positioning yourself as an expert, you earn credibility and attract more customers. After registration in the affiliate program, Forex broker provides you with free content (banners, films and other advertising materials).

A vivid example of affiliate programs is Forex rebate service. On the website of the rebate company there are links to brokers. Customer visits the website of the broker (not only using the link), opens an account, returns rebate service that opens the account, ties up a trading account, gets the code, returns to the site of the broker and ties up the code to the personal account. The result: the broker receives a customer, rebate-service — Commission from the broker, the client without any cost receives a partial rebate, everyone is happy.

You can attract customers on specialized forums, posting a link to the website of the broker. However, such advertising on the forums are negative, and viral advertising in social networks is avoided.

To sum up. Affiliate programs in Forex is a way of passive earnings, provided they have promoted resource (blog, informational website, etc.) Brokers are willing to cooperate with such services, subject to their positive reputation. The owner of the site is sufficient to conclude a broker agreement (check). But the spread of referral links by advertising on forums, mailing addresses, etc. — a dubious way of earnings. First, create groups in social networks with at least 1000 subscribers will take time and money, database of email addresses is also paid. Secondly, the man who will click on the link to the site, is interested in a broker. Intrusive advertising that is distributed not in the target group, will bring no effect.

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