Understanding of world market trends, the essence of the events allows you to analyze and predict the cost of the asset in the short and long term. The section “World economy and geopolitics” allows you to create a common understanding of what is happening in various global markets. Analytical information can be perceived by the reader as to expand the overall outlook and guidance for action (investment). Analysts of investment exchange portal Investlb.com select the most interesting information for you that influences the quotes. Read, join the conversation and become an author of our portal. How? Read below!

Overview of the world economy and geopolitical situation

Fundamental analysis can be divided into two parts: public and private. Private means the review, analysis of events relative to an individual asset (company which securities will be purchased), industry (e.g., oil), etc Public fundamental analysis evaluates the state of the economy, statements by politicians, which listens the whole world, etc. In this section we collected analysis of companies, economies of individual countries and much more.

From "World economy and geopolitics" section you will learn:

  • what are the current state of the economies of the US, Russia, EU and the Pacific region;
  • what are the prospects of development of individual industries in the country and the world at large;
  • how the economy of separate countries integrated in the world economy and what advantages can derive the investor;
  • about the events and their impact on global markets (elections, change of interest rates etc.);
  • how currency, stock and commodity markets are tied among themselves, and how to analyze the correlation with the benefits for themselves;
  • financial indicators (GDP, foreign debt etc.);
  • how the regulation of industries and global markets is performed.

Information from this section will help you to make an investment decision and will help to create a common understanding of current and future global trends.

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