Simple strategy for Forex

Надежная стратегия на Форексе

Every investor wants to find a simple and reliable strategy in Forex. Most trading tactics involves the use of multiple indicators. Their difficulty is that you must carefully monitor the crossing point of many lines. We propose to consider a simple trading strategy based only on one indicator – jurik BrainTrend1Sig.

Reliable strategy in Forex

Indicator jurik BrainTrend1Sig using two different colors gives signals to buy and sell, and that is enough for successful trading. The indicator is based on the jurik is algorithm, which takes into account the standard values of such indicators as:

  • ATR – the average true range indicator, which allows you to track the volatility in the market;
  • Stochastic (more the stochastic oscillator in the pair with indicators moving averages and relative strength index you can see here and here).
  • This indicator is not in all trading platforms because it is recommended to download and install that will take a maximum of 10 minutes. It is recommended to use a professional trading platform, which provides the ability to add technical analysis indicators. Let us examine in practice the trade on this indicator.A few basic points:
    • the trade will be held by reversing positions upon receipt of an appropriate signal. In other words, when we see the signal of the indicator we close current position and open it in the opposite direction;
    • trading interval – 4 hours;
    • currency pair is classic – EUR/USD;

    trading platform – MetaTrader 4.

Download archive with template of the strategy and indicators used

The parameters that should be set on the jurik BrainTrend1Sig indicator:

  • ” To enable or disable alerts “. 1 – activation parameter, which is recorded in the file when the points on the purchase or sale appear;
  • SignalID – the unique number of the signals for this currency pair. Leave the default value;
  • ” The calculation period ” –
  • “Type of the price”, on which to build the values;
  • “Phase” – leave the default values.

The other 5 parameters are internal data for the indicator and the trader their importance should not be interested in a reliable strategy in Forex should be simple and understandable. What values should be set, you can see on this figure.

trading strategy in Forex

Red point – signal for sale, green – for buying. Conditions of opening the position:

  • position to buy as soon as we see a green dot then on the next candle open a long position. Stop loss is set at a distance of 50 points from the opening price. As soon as the profit reaches 50 points, move the stop loss to the breakeven level (the level of open positions). As soon as you receive the opposite signal (red dot), close the position;
  • sell position opens with the same conditions;

forex indicators

  • work on the last candle on Friday and the first candle on Monday is not conducted;
  • not recommended to work with the indicator at the time of the release of important news (if the candle has too much body and stands out among other candles)

quick forex strategy

This is a reliable strategy in Forex is very easy to understand. The profitable trades using this indicator is several times higher than losing trades, allowing you to earn in the medium term. If you still have questions, ask them below.

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