The peculiarities of exchange trading is everything about what you have read in the training materials at any other broker. Those are the things that every trader needs to know, but which he knows only from experience. Analysts of investment exchange portal and professional traders share with you their experience and knowledge in this topic to make your trading even more profitable. Read, try to apply knowledge in practice and be sure to share your success with readers!

Many of the nuances of exchange and OTC trade only manifest themselves in practice. Training materials on website of the broker — this is the ABC of a trader, but the knowledge of letters does not mean the ability to speak. Most often traders, learn the nuances on their mistakes, but if they knew about them earlier, they could keep the deposit or earn even more. Section “Peculiarities of stock trading” — articles on practical trading in stock and currency markets, and technical nuances, which a novice trader may not even be aware of, these are the articles that will help you to avoid practical errors and fraud.

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In this section you will learn the following about the peculiarities of the trade:

  • what are A-Book and B-Book brokers, how to distinguish the kitchen from an honest broker;
  • get acquainted with the types of accounts (STP, ECN), and understand the difference of  types of order execution;
  • learn how to use auxiliary tools for a trader (software-diaries, monitoring MyFxBook, scenery promotions, online securities stores, trading applications, rebate services, etc.);
  • learn how to make a complaint to the broker and lead broker correspondence;
  • understand peculiarities of trading conditions of brokers, learn to quickly find necessary information on the brokerage contracts;
  • understand how to avoid the scams and to withdraw money correctly;
  • understand the causes of failures of trading platforms and how to resolve them;
  • learn the ways of manipulating the consciousness of the trader with promos or comments on the forums;
  • get acquainted with terms such as “HYIP”, “crowdinvesting”, “proptrading” and learn how to make money on them;
  • learn to create a trading system.

And it’s not all that you can read in this section. team promises that it will continue to work to ensure that you could learn something useful and interesting.

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