Oracle develops generative AI services for business

Oracle develops generative AI

Oracle has announced plans to create powerful and secure generative AI services for organizations around the world. Oracle will provide generative AI services to help automate business processes, improve decision-making and enhance the customer experience in partnership with Cohere, a leading AI platform for enterprises. It was announced by Oracle.

Oracle’s generative AI services will build on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and leverage Oracle’s unique Supercluster capabilities. They will span applications and infrastructure and deliver the highest levels of security, performance and value in the industry.

As part of the partnership, Cohere will train, build and deploy its generative AI models on OCI. OCI is uniquely suited to run AI tasks because it offers the highest performance and lowest cost GPU cluster technology, with over 16,000 H100 GPUs per cluster and very low latency and the highest RDMA network bandwidth in the cloud. This will accelerate the learning of large language models (LLMs) while reducing costs.

Cohere models will also be directly integrated into the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of cloud applications. By embedding Cohere language models into its business applications, including Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications, Oracle NetSuite and Oracle Industry Applications, Oracle will enable customers to quickly and securely deploy generative AI to solve their immediate business problems.

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