Nonstandard ideas of capital investment

интересные идеи инвестиций

For those who want to relax from the classical types of investments in the stock markets we offer some interesting ideas of investment in non-standard assets that have no relations to stock markets, but with a reasonable approach and a bit of luck, are able to generate income no less than trading in Forex or stock markets.

Tell me, what do you associate the word “Investment” with? With currencies and securities, oil and gold, real estate and deposits. These assets are quite liquid and are considered as classic types of investments. However, if you have become boring by these tools, and you have a huge capital, we are ready to offer you interesting investment ideas that if not bring a substantial income, but the aesthetic pleasure you will exactly get.

Unusual investment ideas

  1. Funding searches of the treasure

The correct organization of searches of the treasure can bring a lot of money. In the ground and the bottom of the ocean quite interesting things are kept, for which collectors of Antiques will be willing to pay a lot of money. Of course one person is unlikely to invest in the expedition, but to invest, for example, in the company Odyssey Marine — easily. The company specializes in searching and lifting things from the sunken ships and their partial disposal. Among the trophies of the company: expensive old wine, products from precious metals and even relatively undamaged equipment.

Less expensive option of investments can be investments in a search for valuable coins and other Antiques, which are located in the ground. However, there are some difficulties with official registration of this kind of activities, because interesting ideas for investment-related treasure, are attributed to venture.

  1. Betting on death

One of the strangest ideas of investment, which is very common in the United States. In fact, it is not an investment, but rather an insurance, or a dispute (bet), which is to transfer income to another person. In other words, if the seller of natural causes leaves this world before the agreed date, the buyer receives a good income. If the seller lives longer than the agreed period, the buyer receives nothing.

  1. Bet on the default state

Is the change in the credit rating of the country or one corporation. If the emphasis is determining the date of default, the payout increases. Interesting ideas for investments that are somewhat similar to bets in binary options. Here the point is also not to guess the probability of an event and to analyze the market and see economic preconditions for bankruptcy.

  1. Investing money in cars

Antique cars are able to bring the investor 100% of the income after 5 years. This type of investment is very popular in USA and Europe, where investment in expensive prestigious Antiques — is a separate direction of earning money. For example, the car of “Formula-1” is able to bring 12-15% per annum. Racing car Mercedes Benz W196 1954 would be sold in the UK for 29.5 million USD. Ferrari GTB NART Spider (1967, V.) for 27.5 million USD despite the fact that their copies cost about 10 million USD.

Even the purchase of an old car, less famous than the Formula cars, and its subsequent restoration are able to generate income to 10%.

investing in Antiques

  1. Investing in the elite wine

Example of the investment can be a vintage wine from France Chateau Pavie. This kind of investment was popular in the 90s and 2000s years, but with the crisis, luxury market dipped slightly. The wine, however, over the years, doesn’t deteriorate, and the demand for it will always be. Because one has only to wait for an opportune moment to sell. According to experts, collectible vintage wine is able to bring about 10-12% of income a  year.

  1. Contemporary art.

Recently investing in artists paintings gains momentum, but it is difficult to assess, how will picture of an artist grow through time. In any case, during the life of the artist the pictures are undervalued, and in the future, if the painting increases in value, the rollback is almost impossible. Example: the work of Jackson Pollack is able to bring 60% over 5 years, Vasudeo Gaytonde — 80%, of Marcel Duchamp — 90%.

  1. Non-standard assets of commodity markets

Futures trading is one of the most popular types of stock trading in the United States. In comparison with the fairly common asset of commodity markets (oil, beef, wood) there are no less interesting investment ideas — low-fat pork (the most popular product in the USA, non-standard for Europe and Asia), cake of soybeans (soybean flour). These assets could bring up to 20% per annum, which is more attractive than most of the currencies or securities.

In recent years, the attractiveness of investment in the truffle and bonsai are increasing:

  • the truffle is quite expensive to manufacture with a long return, but the profit from this product may reach more than 200% per annum;
  • bonsai — exotic perennial shrub, which is popular among lovers of floral art and arrangement of home interiors. A small tree can be bought for $ 500, the cost of 100-year-old tree is about 50 thousand dollars.

Still, all these interesting ideas for investment — is rather a way to slightly bring some variety into your life, and as a main earnings, we still recommend you to trade in Forex or binary options.

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