Intel promises to build AI into all its processors

Intel обещает встроить искусственный интеллект

If you want a PC with localised artificial intelligence (AI) that can accelerate various tasks related to data processing, graphics, sound and video, then you have a chance to try new products from Intel.

The company said it will build specialised AI acceleration units into all its chips, starting with Meteor Lake processors, which will be released by the end of this year.

Local AI could revolutionise the PC market by giving users better performance, energ y efficiency and security. Local AI can process data without having to send it to the cloud, reducing latency and leakage risks. In addition, local AI can adapt to users’ preferences and interests, offering personalised recommendations and services.

Intel plans to use different technologies to incorporate AI into its chips. One of them is AVX-VNNI, a set of instructions that optimise the integer operations needed for neural networks. These instructions will be supported by Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake processors, which will be available in 2024 and 2025, respectively. Another technology is a specialised block for AI acceleration that will be embedded in Meteor Lake processors. This block will be capable of performing floating point and integer operations with varying precision.

The company believes that embedding AI in all its products will give it a competitive edge in the PC market. The company also hopes that it will help it democratise access to AI and expand its application in different fields. According to Intel CEO Patrick Gelsinger, Intel believes in the idea of “AI for all.”

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