“Holy signals” strategy for those who are deeply aware of the Forex

стратегия сигналов Форекс

With simple strategies it’s simple: put two lights (or three max) at the terminal and wait until the simultaneous match of three conditions. The positive factor of these strategies is that they are almost universal, they certainly create almost any couple and for the novice trader there is no need to configure, test, etc.

But here’s the question: if everything is so simple, then surely we would all get profit, right? But it is not true. I will say that beginners just misinterprete signals or later (sooner) are included in the market? Yes, too unlikely… I somehow think that the problem is different: I agree, who is going to share a profitable strategy for free? This means that all simple strategies of Forex signals practically do not work. Write them for the sake of luring traders to the broker’s website.

  • Tip: do not think that after reading this strategy or otherwise, published on this and other sites, you will begin to earn money. And not only the case in testing, but Yes, for a long period of testing (several months) the strategy is able to bring to the desired result. The fact that free strategy — is the base. And now your task is to turn it into a profitable tool. It gives you the general gist of the indicators. You can change settings, add your own indicators, or interpret the signals. That is to create your personal strategy of Forex signals.

Below there is a strategy that refers to the complex, because it uses unfamiliar indicators, and also in large quantity. It is not a panacea, but I think that you will be able to learn something interesting from it.

Strategy Forex signals

«Holy Signals» — strategy of Forex signals has an interesting name, “Holy signals”. In the flat the  strategy does not work, but the trend works well! And, of course, its major drawback — because of the congestion indicator signal on the input you receive less than could be desired. But safely!

The input data:

  • RSI — the graph shows in blue, has three levels: 15, 50, 85;
  • RSI red, period 115. Combine this with the previous RSI as follows: “Navigator — Indicators — Oscillators” and place this index in the first window, it is not necessary to expose the levels again;
  • SMA (simple moving averages): 5 — red, 13 — blue;
  • EMA Crosover Signal — accumulates the signals from the two EMA (periods 4 and 8) and arrows to show the trader what to do. The red arrow short, green — long;
  • Holygukgukguk — displayed by the band, where there is the alternation of dark green and dark red columns.

The last indicator we will need in 3 copies with these settings:

  • «Minimum— 0», «Maximum — 1» (for all three indicators);
  • values оуе1 — 5, оуе2 — 8;
  • values оуе1 — 7, оуе2 — 10;
  • values оуе1 — 9, оуе2 — 12.

Strategy is universal, but the recommended timeframe is M5, it works for any currency pair.

forex indicators

The signal for opening long position:

  • blue line of RSI crosses the red from bottom to top;
  • EMA Crosover Signal — green arrow;
  • red sliding (5) crosses the blue moving (13) from the bottom up;
  • Holygukgukguk — all three indicators – dark green columns.

opening of Forex position

The signal for opening short position:

  • blue line of RSI crosses the red from the top down;
  • EMA Crosover Signal — the red arrow;
  • red sliding (5) crosses the blue moving (13) from top to bottom;
  • Holygukgukguk — all three indicator dark red columns.

how to open short position in Forex

This strategy of Forex signals does not provide stop orders, but for reassurance they are recommended. Positions are closed when Holygukgukguk changes color to the opposite (seen in the picture).

To sum up. Strategy of Forex signals works well for a sharp rise or fall, on flat – the time lag is observed, but in some cases such trade  is possible. Due to the congestion indicators, the strategy is accurate enough that outweighs its shortcomings. Its essence is simple, but to keep track of all the simultaneous matches is not easy, it is recommended for those who already have the skills of Forex trading.

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