Google is holding a competition to “learn” AI

Google is holding a competition to "learn" AI

Компания Google объявила о конкурсе по «разучиванию» ИИ, целью чего является удаление конфиденциальных данных из систем искусственного интеллекта, чтобы привести их в соответствие с глобальными стандартами безопасности данных, пишет Quartz.

The competition is open to all comers and will run from mid-July to mid-September.

It is noted that despite the demand for machine learning in our digital age, the use of AI presents many problems, including the misuse of data by cybercriminals to intimidate and blackmail users, data poisoning, denial of access to online actions, fraudulent facial recognition and creation of dipfakes.

With the shutdown of machine learning, Google plans to implement selective amnesia in its AI algorithms to remove all traces of a particular data set from its machine learning systems without affecting their performance.

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