Cofund – investing in a token backed by Asian real estate assets

Cofund platform

The Cofund platform represents real estate tokenisation and combines institutional quality real estate investment with blockchain technology.

It is the first platform to provide an asset-backed security token in Asia

  • Based on ERC-3643, Blockchain technology
  • In accordance with the Swiss Financial Intermediaries Regulation.
  • Cofund is in the process of obtaining membership of FINMA SRO

Why the Cofund platform?

Robust Real Estate Due Diligence

At CoFund, all tokenised real estate undergoes rigorous investment due diligence led by an experienced investment team. With an average of 30 years’ experience in investment banking and the use of artificial intelligence technology, the CoFund team offers institutional-grade real estate with full transparency for all investors.

Tokenised assets

Experience the benefits of tokenised assets with Cofund. The platform offers institutional quality real estate investments through an equity investment in a Swiss limited liability company, which fully owns the underlying property.

Compliance with regulatory requirements

Cofund Investment AG is a member of the Swiss Financial Services Authority (FINMA) in full compliance with the Swiss Financial Intermediaries Regulation, so you can invest with confidence.

Investing in real estate through cryptocurrencies

Invest in institutional quality tokenised real estate without borders with cryptocurrency. Transactions are completed in seconds, and the use of the advanced ERC-3643 standard ensures immutability and security without intermediaries.

Automatic distribution of rental income

Rental income will be paid automatically into the investor’s wallet each month through a regulated and licensed digital asset storage system.

Management of real estate by DAO

Investors can vote for property managers based on results using a blockchain-based voting mechanism.

Secondary market

Investors can easily transfer ownership through P2P in seconds.

Artificial intelligence analytics

Using AI in real estate asset management to optimise the performance of underlying real estate assets through automation and real-time data monitoring.

What kind of property can you invest in?

Bali real estate.

Why is Bali the best place to invest in real estate?

See what the world’s companies are saying about Bali

According to Cofund rules, only accredited investors can invest in tokenised properties.

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