Why traders create blogs or trainings

блог успешного трейдера

How do you see a successful trader? Constantly reading books, daily “hanging out” on specialized forums, a sort of “nerd” in a suit and glasses, constantly clever about currency pairs ECN accounts and other strange terms for novice trader? And maybe a successful trader is an elegant man, who possesses a sharp mind and excellent stress-resistance? Beside him a cigar and a bottle of expensive whiskey… And now the aristocrat types another post in his blog of a successful trader instead of making money? Do you really think that the blog is just an expression of self-worth? Not so simple…

The blog of a successful trader

On the Internet there are a huge number of blogs, because today they might be created by anyone. I’m not going to focus on those blogs that are “losers” who seek still to show that they can do something, I’m only interested in the blog of a successful trader.

After talking with several bloggers, I made my conclusions as to why they need it. And they are all successful traders. Here’s what they shared with me:

  1. Self-expression

Of course it’s nice to know that others admire the work done by you? It is a fact of the recognition of mastery and understanding that the trader makes something useful for others (taught, instructed, told, transfers their knowledge to another generation). It is important not to be ill by “star disease”. However, those who writes a blog of successful trader is not threatened because there is always a place of envy and criticism, which in any case can be filled with negative comments.

  1. The analysis of own mistakes

Interesting fact: while the trader is trading, he is fully confident in what he does. From the side it is difficult to assess the situation, until you consider a few different angle. And it turns out that only when you begin to express thoughts (strategy, essence of trading, your vision), know what you’re doing, not exactly, but in general, there are gaps. Outlining your thoughts on paper, the trader understands what is necessary to focus and thus, as it rethinks what he thought was obvious.

Blog of the investor

  1. Advertising

It is also obvious. By promoting his reputation on the Internet for free, over time, the blogger gets the opportunity to earn by selling his knowledge. It can be:

  • attract money in trust (for example, PAMM-accounts);

  • selling of working strategies with the application not only of examples of its work, but also of own reputation;

  • the establishment of a private school and teaching in trainings, seminars, webinars;

  • writing analytical articles in serious publications.

You will why the man, earning a lot of money needs it? The blog of a successful trader is a risk diversification. Sometimes there are failures, sometimes you just want to relax from trading. And when the work gives pleasure and is not liable to nervous strain, is this not a great use of your own knowledge?

  1. SEO

Links, SMM — these are all ways to promote your own Internet-resource. What? Readers may not immediately know about it. In addition, a blog with high traffic can earn on advertising. By the way, the promotion of own channel on YouTube can also bring  $ 1,000 per month!

  1. Just for fun:)

Yes, this also happens. Sometimes people do something without thinking, just for their own pleasure and leisure. Someone resting, playing games, and someone is resting, describing their work and realizing that it can be useful someone.

The blog of a successful trader is his outlet. His soul and experience. And all the staff of investment exchange portal Investlb.com (including me) wants you to grow as a successful trader. To become not only a good blogger, but self-sufficient person!

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