Start Copytrading on Binance and increase your USDT holdings

копитрейдинг Binance на USDT

Deposit USDT to your Binance account and start using AIVIA copytrading system to copy strategies of successful traders and bots to your own Binance exchange account.

Choose the best traders and follow them in one click

How to activate a copytrading on Binance?

  1. Register an account on AIVIA platform. 
  2. Create an account on Binance exchange, complete the verification, create an API key. Make sure to checkmark the box for Futures trading. To follow multiple traders/bots using the AIVIA copytrading system, the user must create a separate Binance account for each trading strategy. Add each Binance account to your AIVIA platform
  3. Add and link each Binance account to your AIVIA platform by entering. API keys for each account. Here is the instruction
  4. Follow trading strategies of the top traders and bots with our copytrading system

What is the minimum deposit amount that can be used for copytrading on Binance?

The minimum deposit required for copytrading is 500 USDT for each trader/bot. This is the minimum amount user should deposit on the Binance futures wallet for each trading strategy.

We are big proponents of diversification among different traders/bots in order to minimize the risk. We, would normally pick a few trading strategies, maybe three traders/bots at 500 USDT apiece. The minimum total amount, in this case, will be 1500 USDT.

The advantages of AIVIA copytrading on Binance?

  • Your USDT always remains on your Binance account. Only you have access to the withdrawal function of your deposit.
  • You can adjust risk management according to your appetite, by choosing top traders/bots, based on real statistical data of performance pulled directly from their Binance trading accounts to your AIVIA platform account.
    Every trader/bot participating in the AIVIA copytrading system undergoes a thorough audit and backtesting of the strategy;
    In case of reaching a maximum set drawdown, the system will execute a stop loss to prevent the user from losing the entire deposit on Binance;
    AIVIA enables users to diversify among multiple trading strategies of different traders and bots.
    AIVIA copytrading is an advanced system that allows users to copy successful trading strategies of traders and bots to their Binance exchange accounts. The profit or loss will depend on the effectiveness of their strategy Diversification among multiple traders/bots will help to minimize the risk. Each trader/bot will require a separate sub-account to follow their strategy.

How much does it cost to use AIVIA copytrading on Binance?

AIVIA platform has developed the copytrading system on Binance, and you can start following the top traders/bots without an initial fee if you qualify for our FREE subscription plan. This subscription plan is available for all QUALIFIED Binance accounts. All Binance accounts that are registered without any referral links are considered to be QUALIFIED.

In addition to subscription plan fees, every user will pay monthly copytrading fee, and can choose one of two options. 

There are two options to choose from:

            – 25% success fee paid only if there is a profit

– 1% of the total deposit amount monthly.

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