Becomes ambassadors for the largest Web3 company

Becomes ambassadors for the largest Web3 company

ConsenSys – This leading software and dAPP (decentralised application development) company, for the Ethereum blockchain, and for the Web3 space in general, is still familiar to many as the ‘father of MetaMask’.

It is also worth mentioning that these guys have raised huge investments, namely $726 million, and currently their market capitalization is in the lead among Web3 companies at $1.92 trillion.

Getting to the point: The other day the project added a new article to their blog detailing the launch of their ambassador or ambassadors program, and so far everything looks good.

👀 And here’s why: We will be given special training and our own mentor who will teach us all the ins and outs of the crypto industry and blockchain in general, and after completing the training we are promised access to all their projects ‘from the inside’, we will be able to do development, and in the meantime create connections with useful people and improve our skills.

What to do?

  1. Go to this site, then click on “Get Involved” -> “Let’s Go”.
  2. After that, we are redirected to the form, try to fill it in such a way as to describe yourself as a real expert, with experience in other Ambassadors programs.
  3. And most importantly, don’t forget to check your mailbox once in a while and follow the announcements: Twitter | Discord

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