AIVIA is listed on ABCC

AIVIA is listed on ABCC

AIVIA Team is very proud and excited to announce that we are officially listed on ABCC Exchange starting April, 25th! AIV token will become available for trade on 15:00 (UTC+8). To start trading visit ABCC Exchange website.

So it is the right time to take a look at AIV token in more detail and review all the utilities it has on AIVIA Platform. So let’s get to it!

AIVIA Platform

AIVIA is using the innovative features Blockchain technology offers to enable investors, fund managers, privately held businesses, and startups to benefit from new opportunities and remove the limitations of the current AuM industry.

At AIVIA we solved these issues by creating an open investment ecosystem that allows investors, fund managers, privately held businesses and startups to interact utilizing smart contracts on a peer-to-peer basis and without intermediaries. Such solution enables us to overcome the limitations that currently still exist in the market.

The main aspects of all operations that take place on AIVIA Platform are controlled through open source smart contracts, which foster improved transparency and serve to make the fund more trustworthy and attractive to the investor. All transactions are carried out under the rules set in smart contracts, enabling regulation and control over acquisition or sale of equity shares by utilizing our utility token — AIV.

What place does AIV token hold in the ecosystem?

AIV token is based on the ERC20 standard, meaning that wallets supporting ERC20 can be used to receive, store and send AIV tokens. The total amount of AIV token in circulation is pre-set at 2 billion tokens.

ERC20 is a protocol standard that defines certain rules and standards for issuing tokens on Ethereum’s network. ERC20 has a lot of benefits: uniformity of tech and protocol standard; reduced complexity of understanding each type of token implementation; enhanced liquidity of ERC20 tokens; reduced risk of breaking contracts.

AIV is a utility token designed as an in-platform currency to establish enhanced functionality of the AIVIA Platform, meaning that it is a major component of AIVIA’s ecosystem and is implemented in most of the major operations on the Platform.

It is used for the platform functionality such as: acquisition of tokens issued by funds, startups and companies on the Platform can only be done by using AIV token. The same use applies when a subscribers creates their own Project — the fees and commissions are paid in AIVs.

The utility of the token does not stop there: the dividend payouts to the funds’ investors are carried out in AIV; the participation in STOs of startups and funds also involves AIV; reserves of crypto hedge funds, established to increase liquidity, are also accumulated in AIV.

We anticipate AIV tokens to be listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges. Listing of AIV tokens on the crypto exchanges will allow the tokens to become available for the purchase on the secondary market, as well as ensuring the stable growth of AIV market capitalization.

AIVIA Trading Terminal

Additionally, we have recently announced the ongoing development of AIVIA Trading Terminal, where AIV token is also playing a vital role — we anticipate that AIV token will be traded in pairs against the cryptocurrencies.

AIV token plays a pivotal role in the viability of the ecosystem of AIVIA. It is deeply integrated within all operational aspects of the Platform, in order to ensure transparency, trust and faster processing of payments on the Platform.

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