Adlunam Ido Platform

AdLunam is a new launchpad that combines NFTs with a proof-of-attention model to create an Engage to Earn platform for the Web 3.0 Attention Economy.

One unique feature of AdLunam is that it offers an IDO Platform launchpad that uses a Proof of Attention model for allocation. This means that investors can receive allocation based on their Attention Rank, which is determined by the amount of time and energy they spend in the crypto space. Investors can also express their value, via their Attention Rank, as a dynamic NFT.

For investors who don’t have enough capital to make good use of the allocation they receive, they can build up their Attention Rank to an NFT-level and fractionalize their allocation.

In addition to an IDO launchpad , AdLunam also offers a seedpad, which gives investors early-stage funding opportunities. This is especially useful for investors who are not part of the inner circle of investors but still want access to deal flow at seed and private rounds.

For projects looking to launch a token, AdLunam offers expert advisory services covering various business aspects, as well as go-to-market support from seed to launch. Projects can give targeted allocation to investors who favor commitment over pump ‘n dumps, and can reward their exclusively selected investor community in any way they choose, such as with airdrops, cash prizes, special NFTs, etc.

AdLunam also makes it easy for projects to source ambassadors and influencers based on their Attention Rank, ensuring that they have the right people promoting their token.

Overall, AdLunam offers a unique and innovative approach to launchpads, making it easier for investors to participate in IDOs and seed rounds, while also providing projects with access to engaged investors and a community of loyal supporters. If you’re ready to go to the moon, it’s time to become a LunaMage and make some magic happen with AdLunam.

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