“Interviews with traders” is our new section in which we publish opinions, advice and stories of success of traders and investors. Each of these articles is unique, because it is a tremendous life experience that our guests are willing to share with you, dear readers of investment exchange portal Investlb.com. Our guests talk about their strategies, share their predictions for free and give advice on how to act in a given situation based on their experience. Ask your question to our experts in the comments to the article or express your opinion, becoming the author of Investlb.com!

Certainly theory plays in trading a major role. Understanding of the principles of technical analysis, the ability to build trading models to skillfully determine the direction of the trend signals are all signs of a true professional, a master of trading. However, often there comes a situation when it is difficult to make the right decision due to various reasons (lack of information, ambiguous interpretation of signals, etc.). Someone comes to the courses the professional trader who is looking for advice on economic forums, and someone opens the portal section Investlb.com “Interviews with traders” and learns all that is needed for successful trading.

Our guests are:

  • employees or managers of investment companies, managing fund or brokerage firms;
  • independent traders of stock, currency (exchange and OTC) markets, who have the experience of investing in domestic and foreign markets;
  • PAMM managers;
  • experienced investors with non-standard forms of investments (credinvest, HYIP projects);
  • analysts who are evaluating fundamental and technical factors;
  • bloggers, moderators of webinars and trainings;
  • bank employees.

Interviews with traders will be equally useful to those who are just beginning to understand the specifics of stock market trading, and those who are already trading and are interested in new ideas. The opinions in each article can be radically opposed, but it only animates the conversation. After all, there are no universal recipe for successful investing. So, the readers can make their choice, and the task of our guests — offer suggestions.

In this section you will:

  • learn the stories of those who have become successful thanks to the hard work. Every path to success has been its unique, this experience should be taken as the example;
  • learn professional opinion on where you should invest your money;
  • read about what mistakes were made and how to avoid them.

After each article you can ask our guests your questions in the comments and we will try to get you an answer as soon as possible.

We hope that you will find a lot of useful in this section. And we remind you that you also can become a guest of investment exchange portal Investlb.com. For this you need to leave the application, telling briefly about yourself and what you would like to share with our readers. You can also become the author of articles in other sections.

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