How to trade on vacation

торговля в отпуске

August is in full swing, and ahead of a warm autumn season of September. While I do not want to think about the upcoming cold, and want to lie under the warm sun and think about how to make more money. Of course most traders want to completely disconnect from exchange trading, however, the need for control, for example, the partners ‘ money does not give such possibility. And about we need to plan going to vacation in another country, so the trade during the vacation be as efficient as possible, is written in the article below.

Trade on vacation: what to foresee

  1. Wgat to take with you:
  • notebookWho would not say about mobile trading, smartphone can never replace a real computer. If we talk about traffic, then a computer will be an ultrabook (Hiking option for travel for 1-2 weeks) for a trip for a month or 15-inch laptop. And Yes, the MacBook for professional trading is uncomfortable, but it is everyone’s business;
  • mouse. Is very little, but at times more comfortable than the touchpad. And even if you have got used to the touchpad, the speed of the mouse is a priori higher. Quick wireless mouse on penlight batteries (use battery reserve) is the ideal companion for trading on vacation;
  • smartphone and tablet. There will not be full-fledged use of them, but they will help in critical situations;
  • adapter for sockets. Yes, we are accustomed to certain connectors, but in other countries (Europe, UAE, etc.) there could be problems with them. You may buy them in online travel stores. You may also buy them in airports or in hotels (but not always);
  • PowerBank. Trade on vacation without a spare external battery? And if you are not able to charge the device and access to the exchange is needed urgently? Essential item for long journeys.

About such trifles as a USB flash drive and credit card, I think you will take care of themselves. By the way, our banks love to block cards of tourists, that’s why please note cards like payoneer, epayments, epayservice.

vacation with Forex

  1. Access to Internet

This moment should be known in advance. After all, foreign hotels are not against earning extra money for domestic tourists, and Wi-Fi could be worth up to $ 30. USA per day. But even the phrase “free Internet” can be fraught with pitfalls:

  • access only in the lobby. The access is possible only in a specially designated place. The signal gets outside the room, and all you can do is relax with a Cup of coffee, read the news and open a couple of positions;
  • access to the room. It seems to be what you need, right? But in fact trade on vacation with such a network becomes a torment. Signal in the room will miss out on reading the news, but for video calls or quick reaction — it is unlikely;
  • access throughout the hotel. The best option, allowing free trade in vacation combined with relaxation.

Also Internet can be found in Internet cafes, however, with the nuances of ordering something or registering in a special system. Please note that the aircraft with the Internet is somewhat more complicated: if there is, at extortionate prices.

A few words about mobile Internet, forget about the tariffs for domestic operators. This is often a huge cost for a different sort of fee. On arrival into the country, buy a SIM card with special Internet rates. Be sure to specify on the use of the SIM card into modem mode (option in smartphones), since not all overseas operators support it.

Several applications, with which the trade on vacation will be more productive:

  • mobile version of the trading terminal (for example, MetaTrader 4);
  • Remote Desktop (access VPS-server);
  • SpeedTest (program to check a quality of Internet connection);
  • Forex Calculator (software for money management, help in the calculation of risks in the transaction);
  • CityMaps2Go (offline map of the city. It works even without Internet).

Still, I would advise you to relax doring vacation. After all, vacation is a time when you need a change of scenery, relax and return home refreshed. You’ve waited so long for this moment, and a bad deal can ruin the entire vacation. Trade on vacation — it’s a constant nervous tension, and tell me you need it? Just forget about the trade and have a good rest.

Enjoy your vacation!

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