Types of bonuses at binary options brokers

бонусная система брокера

There are several dozens binary options brokers, and they all try to attract the trader with something special. Its zest and know-how is the bonus system of the broker – one of the ways of attracting customers. We will take a closer look, examining the types of bonuses that are inherent to most binary companies. Note, we listed only the main types of bonus systems, and there can be variations, which distinguish a broker from the competitors.

Bonus system of the broker: types and capabilities

1.   The welcome bonus (first deposit bonus)

This bonus system of the broker offers practically every website. Depending on the conditions of the package (the minimum deposit) you will be offered different amounts of bonuses. For minimum amount of deposit the bonuses can be not provided. But it is not worth worrying, as these bonuses often needs to be worked off! Agree, it is unlikely that a broker after depositing $ 100 and getting bonus of $ 50 will allow to withdraw the entire amount.

To some extent, the bonus is a leverage. Most often it amounts to 30-50% of the deposit, in packages such as “Premium” or “Platinum” — 75-100%. Conditions that may be placed by the broker on a bonus system of this type:

  • minimum number of transactions (up to 20-30 additional capital). That is, to withdraw money with bonus when you deposit $ 100, you will have to make deals for 2-3 thousand No, we are not talking about profit of 2 thousand dollars. You can earn 1500 and lose as much, left with your $ 100. You may withdraw them with the bonus. The broker already “repulsed” your bonus by the commission;
  • the requirement to return a bonus. You deposit $ 100, and $ 50 came as a bonus. Seeing a profitable trade, you use bonus as much as possible (do not bet $100 but $150), win, conditionally 50% (a total of 225 dollars) and 175 of them are yours.

2.   Bonus on your next deposit (bonus continuation)

Such bonus system of the broker encourages the trader to replenish the deposit again. Can not be met at every broker (logically, if the trader adds funds, why encourage him? Good to get used quickly), and the amount (percentage) is usually lower than the initial bonus.

3.   No deposit bonus.

Bonus, which does not require the real replenishment of the deposit at the initial stage. Gives a trader the opportunity to trade without starting capital. It is logical that the trader will not provide his money, because this kind of bonuses hides several pitfalls:

  • to withdraw the received funds, the broker will offer to replenish your account with real money. Then it may turn out that the money is not so easy to withdraw;
  • participation in contests on third-party resources. To attract customers, the broker may conduct contests, where the best get the real prize in the form of seed capital into the account. It’s a good option, but to become the best is not so easy.

This bonus system of the broker is an alternative for those who have no starting capital, but remember that “cheap cheese is only in a mousetrap”. Assess risks and not be afraid to ask questions to the broker.

4.    Pending Bonus

This bonus will be credited by the broker when the trader hold a fixed number of transactions (trading volume). On the platform a progress bar will be displayed that will indicate the volume of transactions that needs to be hold to win the bonus from the broker. By the way, the information about whether it should be worked off is absent. I think not (check with your broker).

5.   Bonus offer, valid a certain period of time

Temporary promotions, which are sometimes held by the broker to maintain interest in stock trading by traders. And let the brokers say that you can use the bonus right now and today only, take your time, these bonuses are held frequently.

6.   Special bonuses

This bonus system of the broker include:

  • receiving free signals at a fixed time period;
  • conducting risk-free transactions (1 per day, for example, when the broker reimburses the entire loss per trade);
  • bonuses in the form of training material (though there is plenty materials on the web);
  • bonus “Invite a friend”. Everything is clear, but much more profitable to become a partner-referral than to lure in binary options strangers.

And finally, a few moments:

  • it often happens that binary options brokers are loyal to new customers and not often loyal to regular ones. In many respects, it is important to configure a personal communication with the Manager of the broker to continue the fruitful cooperation. Unfortunately, there are cases when the percentage of profits is cut for regular customers, so they pass to other contractors;
  • binary options brokers work on B-Book, this means that a trader does not enter the real market. Nothing wrong with that, but it is important to understand what funds forms the broker bonus system.

Contact more with the managers, ask about the bonus system of managers, double check the data in other sources, read reviews, be slightly incredulous, and you will become a successful trader! And of course, read investment portal Investlb.com where there is always only the most interesting information from the world of Economics and stock trading!

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