Trading platforms for futures are the specific programs that are “sharpened” under work with certain instruments, derivatives (futures and options). In contrast to the universal terminals, they have add-ons that takes into account specifics of trading processes with derivatives.

Trading platform for futures is your main helper in trading. Your profit depends on how fast will the platform work, how convenient the interface is, how easy the graph for immediate decision-making, etc. The comfort level and the success of the trade will depend on the completeness of the tools, accessibility and understanding. There are no ideal platforms, but to find something individual and it is not so difficult.

Tip: in Russia the market of futures trading developed relatively weakly. So, going to foreign markets of investment focus not on what the broker will offer, but on the trading platform for futures that have received international recognition. You can download them at the developer’s site, but the license in most cases is paid. I think it makes sense to buy 100% quality product from the developer, than to risk by contacting with the proposals of the brokers from another country.

Types of platforms can be divided into two groups:

  • emphasis on technical part. In these platforms implemented a system of one-click trading, available for advanced order types and methods of application, optimized quotes, filtration of indicators, panel full of all sorts of graphs. Trade only with one monitor on these platforms almost impossible, but these platforms are ideal for diverse testing of strategies;
  • emphasis on the graphical part. Despite the simplicity of the instrumentation, the platforms differ by convenience of schedules, simple unobtrusive interface, lack of clutter features on the toolbar. These platforms are designed for those who gain pleasure from trading, and not guided by profit and excitement. Trading in the terminal is slow, but comfortable.

On pages of our site we have placed reviews of the most popular trading platforms for futures that you can find on the Internet:

In reviews, we’ve tried to pay attention to the features and benefits that clearly differentiate the platform from other terminals. Surveys focused on key indicators, platform tools, features and capabilities. Be warned, it is a professional trading platform for futures, so for novice traders we offer to master a simple trade underlying assets on platforms which are described on our site. In the future, we promise to continue to add new reviews! — everything you wanted to know about stock trading and investments!


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