Savl – a pioneering P2P and OTC cryptocurrency trading platform


Cryptocurrencies are growing in popularity, while financial literacy is increasing. In this environment, it is no longer enough for cryptocurrency companies to ensure only the reliability of transactions. It is now more about platform usability and advanced capabilities.

Savl is the kind of company that strives to meet and exceed the most demanding user needs. It burst onto the market recently with its unique app, in 2020, under the slogan ‘Everything in One Place’.

The company has been able to prove the value of this approach in a short time, and the number of users of its digital asset management application is growing steadily.

Features of the new Savl ecosystem

Savl is not just another cryptocurrency exchange and storage site, but an entire ecosystem with its own infrastructure, allowing users to make a range of transactions with coins and tokens.

Savl brings together:

  • A single platform for P2P and OTC exchanges, sales and purchases of cryptocurrencies, with a user base of thousands of users.
  • Support for major existing wallets.
  • The ability to create your own multi-currency wallets in a highly secure ecosystem: mobile, PC or web. The wallets are universal and can handle more than 100 types of tokens.
  • The possibility of fiat money transactions and a wide range of deposit/withdrawal methods.
  • Built-in encrypted messenger, the key to which each user stores on their mobile device.

The eco-system is very flexible and dynamic, so it is very likely that other useful features will soon be added that no one has thought of today.

Benefits for the user

Savl users will not have to pay a commission on P2P transfers within the ecosystem, only the transaction fee of the blockchain network itself. This method of cryptocurrency exchange is very popular because it involves no intermediaries, which means increased reliability and privacy.

All transactions within the system are completely secure, as the platform takes care of monitoring transactions until they are completed.

Transactions can be made with fiat money if needed. The app works directly with the main currencies, while transactions with other currencies are converted at the current exchange rate.

Savl cares about user comfort, so it allows users to choose whether to connect an existing third-party wallet or create a new multi-currency one within the app. The wallet can only be accessed by its owner via a private key in their personal possession.

It is very convenient that Savl has implemented the ability to pay for third-party goods and services. You can top up your phone balance, book a hotel room, download a game or choose fashionable trainers – all without leaving the system.

The app works with several payment systems, including Apple Pay, so payments are easy and any Savl member will find a suitable option.

By choosing the app, the user is not just getting a cryptocurrency trading platform with good terms, they are opening up a new high-tech social world where they can find like-minded people, make friends, learn the latest news or just have a good time.

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