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With the appearance of new Grosl Trader trading platform, the trade in the market of binary options is now easy and accessible for those who are just starting to grasp the basics of trading. Its interface is so simple and easy that novice traders will be able to understand the algorithm of the terminal, with a minimum of time on training – just start working and you will see how on a subconscious level you would understand the working principles of the platform.

Choosing a broker with an impeccable reputation

registration on platform

Binary options trading starts with the selection of a broker – the intermediary who has direct access to the trading floor and executes trades on your behalf. Novice traders are often conducted at attractive terms of unscrupulous brokers, losing their hard-earned investments.

Thanks to Grosl Trader platform this possibility is excluded. In the beginning, the terminal offers a choice of several companies (Optiontime, TitanTrade,OptiTrader 24) who have years of trading experience in the stock market. Cooperation with these brokers will certainly benefit the investor in addition to the international certificate of competence brokering companies offer and the optimal conditions for collaboration.

To connect with the broker, you need to pay attention to the button in the upper right corner with the corresponding name, clicking on which you will need to fill in the required registration fields.

The key to successful trading on the binary options market is in the knowledge of technical and fundamental analyses, which allow on the basis of the trend or of the information obtained to predict the behavior of a currency pair in the future.

By mastering this knowledge, you may need more than one month. Grosl Trader platform had simplified this task: order the paid signals service in the corresponding section of the platform and get the information in the trading process. All you have to do is just make use of the received information.

To connect this service, you need to go to the “Signals” and fill in the registration form.

Important: the signals for the particular currency pair are displayed in the case of the probability of profitable trades. The platform will not hold a transaction until a signal is not confirmed.

 Grosl Trader signals subscription

To ensure that almost all the signals have a high permeability, you can, watch the section “signals stats”. Here are the currency pair and the amount of opening/closing of the transaction. For your convenience, use the service within 7 days for free.

Types of binary contracts

On Grosl Trader platform, you can choose between two types of binary options that are most popular with professional traders – turbo and classic. The first type involves short-term trading with expiration time of the option from 30 to 300 seconds. Classic trade may provide for a validity period of an asset from a few days to 1-2 months.

How to make money in one click


Grosl Trader trading in one click

The faster a trader reacts to certain changes in the currency pairs, the more he can earn. Grosl Trader provides the opportunity to enter into a transaction (purchase an option) in just one click of a mouse, by selecting the desired function “Put” or “Call”.

Time intervals and analysis of candlesticks

Time periods

Platform developers offer a wide range of time intervals. The ability to build graphics for the last minute, 15 minute, day, week, month and analyze the trend of the currency pair at each interval will allow us to understand further the trend, and then make a correct trading decision.

Grosl Trader candlesticks

Candlestick analysis is one of the most popular instruments to trade on binary options. There are such items in Grosl Trader menu as Japanese and empty bars, candles, Heikin ASHI. With additional functions you can choose the color of the candles, the thickness of the line rates, scaling, indents. All this allows to make the platform comfortable for the user.

Technical analysis and its application in Grosl Trader platform

If fundamental analysis relies on obtaining current information about the state of the economy, basic indicators, news events, the technical analysis can rightly be called essential to profitable options trading. Understanding the trends of increase/decrease of the asset, price movement pattern of price waves in the short and long term, etc. – all this will allow to predict precisely the behavior of a currency pair in the future.

indicators of technical analysis

Grosl Trader platform offers a wide variety of tools for technical analysis ranging from simple for beginners to professional. Modification of programs such as MACD, Moving Avarage, Stochastics will become an irreplaceable tool in your trading.

Trading platform in any case does not restrict freedom of choice of the trader. You can always add a new indicator by right-clicking and selecting the menu item “Compare/add tool “.

For determining reliability of received signals, the developers provided the possibility to compare the received information between multiple tools. Simply select indicators and compare performance. Also in this section, it is possible to analyze price history for currency pairs, which allows the trader to make more accurate prediction.

Basic Grosl Trader tools

The left side panel of the trading platform contains the basic tools required for manually controlling fluctuations in prices. Pay attention to each of them.

  1. Crosshair. Click on the small arrow and you will see additional tools: the eraser, the point, the arrow. For the convenience of work you may change shade, indent, etc. of each of these elements.
  2. Trend figures. Angles, beams, channels – all of these elements will allow you to determine the trend situation that underlies the definition of the strategy to generate income.Pitchfork. The tool presents figure Shifa, Gann, Fibonacci (wedge, spiral, circle, radial lines, square). All of these elements can also be adjusted in color, intervals etc.
  3. Pitchfork. The tool presents figure Shifa, Gann, Fibonacci (wedge, spiral, circle, radial lines, square). All of these elements can also be adjusted in color, intervals etc.
  4. Brush. Allows you to record any changes of quotes with simple geometric shapes.
  5. Text, notes, footnotes. An auxiliary tool, which allows you to make marks on the screen for additional information. This allows you to remind the trader about certain facts, analyze the conclusions in previous periods.
  6. Templates Of The Triangle. The tool is used to identify pivot points and price dynamics. In other terminals you’d have to draw this figure – Grosl Trader platform simplifies this task, offering ready-made templates. Putting them on the chart, you can independently verify the authenticity or mistaken opinion about the formation of this shape.
  7. The prediction of the price movement and a long position. Tools that will help you to determine the price trend and make a forecast for the income.

To sum up. Grosl Trader platform combines all the basic trading tools that allow you to fully carry out trade on the binary options market. Testing your skills on a demo version and testing each tool, you can safely start the real trade. After all Grosl Trader is the optimal terminal for making profitable trades for the novice trader and the professional, experienced investor!

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